Valkor is an Energy Services company providing Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Procurement, Transportation, and Installation for offshore and onshore energy projects, specializing in remote and developing markets, and innovative and unusual applications

We provide complete EPCI or Project Management services for up to mid-size onshore & offshore projects. We target innovative approaches to make a marginal project feasible technically and economically

Offshore & Onshore EPCI & Consulting with Design, Engineering, Management, Construction, Logistics, Installation & Operation for oil & gas drilling, processing and transport

Subsidiary of Valkor, Crosstrails Engineering provides engineering and consulting services to the Onshore industries. We specialize in the analysis and design of Gas Processing and Upstream equipment and facilities

Our team developing VOC Technologies (Valkor Environmental) and Natural Gas Technologies (Valkor Natural Gas)

A range of innovative OEM products and technologies for compression, power generation, oil production, gas processing as well as CNG and LNG

Valkor is a solutions company offering a range of services and products to the energy industries. We perform projects with share risk and equity participation


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