Valkor Energy Services has been selected to conduct the restoration efforts for The Battleship Texas

The Battleship Texas proudly served our great nation for 34 years, seeing action in both World Wars. The ship acted as a beacon of the ideal of freedom to our troops and allies, and was there to protect us when we needed her the most. Now it is our turn to provide for her.

Maintaining a dreadnought such as the Battleship Texas requires a lot of work and a lot of money. The Battleship Texas Foundation’s mission is to preserve the history of the Battleship Texas and has chosen Valkor Energy Services to reinvigorate it’s legacy for new generations of Americans.

Our restoration efforts include:

  • Determining sources of leaks and repairing them to prevent unwanted flow of water.
  • Reinforcing framework and structure for optimum safety on board the ship.
  • Repairs to the flooring to make it more even and accessible.
  • Recent additions to the A/C system to provide cool air to even more sections of the ship.

Our personnel have more than twenty years experience in the fabrication of appurtenances to offshore oil platforms, pressure vessels, and platform defense systems


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