Battleship Texas Restoration

Valkor Energy Services worked together with the Battleship Texas Foundation to secure funding from the Texas State Legislature.

Battleship TEXAS Hull Restoration Scope of Work:

  • Assessment of Current Condition and Detailed Engineering
  • Pre-tow Dredging
  • Transport from Current Berth to Shipyard
  • Develop the Dead Ship Tow Plan
  • Transport by wet tow
  • Construction and Repairs of Hull
  • Replace hull steel with new steel and welded construction for a water tight floating museum
  • Replace wasted structural framing as-needed in inner bottom once hull shell is removed
  • Apply robust marine-grade coating system with cathodic protection to extend life
  • Transport from Shipyard to Final Location in Texas
  • Handover to BTF for recommissioning upon Arrival at final location

    Oil Sands Extraction

    • Process Technology Development
    • Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Operations
    • Vernal, Utah
    • 2018 – Present

    Fuel Gas Conditioning Unit in Nigeria

    50MMSCFD Modified Deep Cut J-T Fuel Conditioning Unit

    Engineering, Design and Material Supply of Equipment and Skids


    • LPG Stream (international grade specifications)
    • Excess Propane
    • Residue Gas
    • Condensate

    Product recovery process guarantee based on Inlet Feed Gas Composition

    Ukraine Coal Bed Methane Projects

    Our lead CBM project is the CBM Field in Eastern Ukraine. With 10 existing wells and infrastructure, including processing and compression, in place for 50 MMSCFD productions, this project is fast to cash flow. The initial acreage is 100,000 with 2 TCF gas resources in place and large expansion opportunities.

    Coal Bed Methane in Turkey

    Valkor has entered an MOU to perform a 20 well initial phase for coal bed methane with Delta Energy in Turkey. The field covers 1500 km2 with an initial development area of 10 km2. The wells have multiple seams down to 500 m with an expected production rate of 6-10 MMSCFD by the completion of phase 1. First well and fracking is being completed in 2019 with the full phase completion by the 3rd quarter 2020.

    Geoposhuk Production in West Ukraine

    Valkor is developing two fields in Ukraine with Geoposhuk Ltd. Limnitska is our deep gas field with over 1 TCF recoverable gas expected from wells flowing 5-15 MMSCFD from 4500 m. Cherletska is a shallow oil field with typical wells flowing 75-100 bpd sustained. We are executing a program of 150 new wells to 350 m over the next two years.

    Caravan Gas in Colorado

    Valkor is a Partner and the EPC Contractor for this 30 MMSCFD Field Cryo expandable to 70 MMSCFD.

    Valkor subsidiary, Crosstrails, is performing:

    • Complete Engineering and Design, including Process, Mechanical & Control Systems
    • Complete Fabrication and Procurement of all parts
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Installation, Startup & Commissioning

    Parrylands Production in Trinidad

    Valkor Energy services is performing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) on 110 mature wells on an 80 million bbl reserve in the Parrylands Block E field in Trinidad. This is a multi-year Huff and Puff tied into a long-term 300 MM BTU Steam Flood. We have a 6000 bbl per day production goal by early 2021 continuing past 2030. We are currently seeking to expand to an additional 100 well field.


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