TomCo Energy forms joint venture with Valkor LLC to develop oil sands plant

TomCo Energy plc has established a joint venture company, Greenfield Energy LLC with Valkor LLC to pursue the development of an oil sands plant.

Valkor has entered into an agreement with Petroteq, which will be transferred to Greenfield, for Valkor to take over the management and operations of Petroteq’s existing oil sands plant at Asphalt Ridge, Utah (POSP), pursuant to which Greenfield will undertake certain upgrades to the POSP and run associated tests to demonstrate the POSP’s commerciality. Continue reading…


Valkor Energy Services achieves major milestone for “Battleship Texas Restoration Project”

Valkor is extremely excited to announce that we have achieved one of the biggest milestones to date for the Battleship project.¬† On March 24th¬†Valkor, along with the BTF and TPWD, presented to the Texas Historical Commission for and received three (3) State Antiquities Landmark project permit approvals. More Info…


Petroteq announced that it had entered into a non-exclusive technology licensing agreement with Valkor LLC

The Agreement grants to Valkor the right to use Petroteq’s proprietary patented technology to engineer, construct, operate and finance oil sands extraction plants to transform highly oil saturated feed ore recovered from mining operations to heavy crude.

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Valkor Energy Services awarded the “Battleship Texas Restoration Project”

We are proud to announce that Valkor Energy Services (Valkor), an engineering company specializing in unconventional projects in the Marine and Oil and Gas industries, has been awarded the contract for the Battleship Texas Restoration project working alongside The Battleship Texas Foundation (BTF) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), which is our partner agency within the State. The BTF was established to preserve and enhance the Battleship TEXAS and was instrumental in bringing the ship to Texas in 1948.

Valkor has been working alongside BTF since the beginning of 2019 in our endeavor to Save the Ship. More Info…



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