Valkor Energy Services awarded with "Battleship Texas Restoration Project"

We are proud to announce that Valkor Energy Services (Valkor), an engineering company specializing in unconventional projects in the Marine and Oil and Gas industries, has been awarded the contract for the Battleship Texas Restoration project working alongside The Battleship Texas Foundation (BTF) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), which is our partner agency within the State. The BTF was established to preserve and enhance the Battleship TEXAS and was instrumental in bringing the ship to Texas in 1948.  Valkor has been working alongside BTF since the beginning of 2019 in our endeavor to Save the Ship.  Valkor’s first task, working under the direction of the BTF, was to provide the project engineering and planning to facilitate the passing of Senate Bill 500 and 1511 of the 86th Texas Legislature in order to obtain the much-needed funding for the TEXAS.

Valkor was officially awarded the Battleship Texas Restoration project by the BTF in September 2019.  Working together with the BTF and TPWD, Valkor will:

  • Manage and obtain all permits necessary with all parties involved to preserve this historical asset and proceed with all safety regulations.
  • Perform all necessary engineering to safely tow the TEXAS to a shipyard for dry docking, restoration of the TEXAS and a safe tow to her new home (location TBD).
  • Make all necessary assessments to the current condition of the vessel to prepare for safe towing
  • Restoration of the TEXAS, including the necessary repairs of the hull and structure to guarantee watertight integrity from the waterline down.

This project is one of a kind with priceless historical value. It is an honor for Valkor to be part of this worthy project and tackle the unconventional challenges that come with a 106-year-old battleship in order to SAVE THE SHIP.




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